Mercedes-Benz is world-famous for its large catalog of luxury vehicles. With the GLE Coupe, the people of Loves Park have a chance to experience a midsize luxury GLE SUV that spares no attention to delivering optimal performance, style and functionality. Let Napleton's Autowerks, Inc. (Loves Park) give you an inside look at what’s in store with this top-of-the-line selection.

The GLE Coupe exudes a sense of style that also lends to advancing the efficacy of its performance. The five-passenger vehicle sports a muscled, exterior design that complements its dynamic handling and sporty appearance. The elegant interior places special emphasis on exclusivity and family-based comfort, including ENERGIZING Comfort features and versatile seating and cargo options.

In addition to its elegant design, the GLE Coupe places great detail on providing optimal performance and safety that you can trust. With added performance features like variable-torque all-wheel drive and 48-volt EQ Boost, this is an SUV that packs serious power. Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive hosts a number of advanced capabilities that optimize safety and venture towards greater advancements in the field of autonomous driving.


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