Brake Pads Explained

Modern vehicles have disc brakes. Each wheel is paired with a brake rotor that spins with the wheel. When the driver decides to slow or stop the vehicle, a brake caliper applies pressure to the rotor to cause the desired effect. Brake pads serve as a buffer between the caliper and the rotor. The friction they endure over time causes them to eventually wear out.

As the brake pads become thinner or begin failing, vehicle owners may notice a squeaking or squealing sound when they step on the brake pedal. If the pads are not replaced, the rotors become damaged from the friction applied by the caliper. Thus, it is vital to have the problem remedied before repair expenses are too costly.

When replacing the brake pads, it is important to use pads designed for the specific vehicle make and model. Ceramic brake pads are typically for large pickups, SUVs and trucks. Semi-metallic pads are more durable than the standard pad. When problems arise, schedule an appointment with one of our Napleton's Autowerks, Inc. (Loves Park) technicians.


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