The Steps to Checking Your Vehicle Battery With a Voltmeter

The battery is an important part of your vehicle, so it is crucial to make sure that it is working properly at all times. By following the steps we've provided below, you can easily test your vehicle's battery with a voltmeter to see whether it's properly charged/charging or if it may need to be replaced.

• Ensure that the ignition is switched off
• Connect the positive voltmeter test lead to the battery's positive terminal
• Following that, connect the negative voltmeter test lead to the battery's negative terminal
​• Compare your results to what a healthy battery should look like, then remove the leads from the terminal, negative first
​• Carefully clean terminals and posts

When the time comes to have your battery replaced, let us help you with it! Contact us or stop by here at Napleton's Autowerks, Inc. (Loves Park) to schedule an appointment with our service department.


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