The Function of Your Car's Alternator

Your car's alternator powers the electrical system while driving. Because the alternator is a belt-driven generator that begins to function once the battery has started the engine, your car is useless without the help of this key component.

Signs Of A Failing Alternator

When your alternator starts to fail, you will most likely see the warning indicator that looks like a battery illuminate on the dash. You might also notice that the instrument cluster stopped functioning, and then ultimately the car shuts off after the battery is drained from compensating for the failed alternator.

Maintaining Your Alternator

Maintaining your alternator includes keeping it clean from oil leaks, and dirt buildup. Always keep a drive belt that is in good condition on your vehicle so that you don't get stranded, and always make sure the drive belt is tensioned correctly to turn the alternator wheel sufficiently enough to charge.

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