Here at our Mercedes-Benz dealership, we realize that making proper seasonal changes to vehicles can be of paramount importance to safety. That said, using the correct parts and accessories during winter months can also actually boost durability and longevity. One part that can certainly benefit from timely seasonal replacement is the windshield wiper.

Windshield wipers come in several varieties, and two popular types include all-season and winter wipers. As it happens, winter wipers have many construction features that make them particularly suited to use during cold, icy weather. The rubber part of the wiper that meets the windshield glass, or the blade, is of paramount importance. Quality winter windshield wiper blades are made from special synthetic rubbers that can maintain their pliability and ability to clean even during sub-zero weather. In addition,synthetic rubber blades are also structurally stronger than summer blades, and this prevents them from ripping and tearing as they clear ice from windshields.

Winter wipers also have specialized frames that serve several purposes. Most well-designed winter wiper frames are sealed against moisture, and this prevents water and other buildup from getting inside and fouling up the works. They also have stronger frames than summer blades, which allows them to move large masses of snow when necessary.


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