Gasket Inspections Are an Important Part of Regular Maintenance

Your car is a complex piece of machinery, and gaskets might seem like an insignificant part of it, but they are important. It is essential to keep them maintained. Gaskets are simple rubber pieces that fit between two pieces of metal to fill in the gaps. When one fails, you can be in for a costly repair bill.

Today’s cars are machined to high levels of precision, but they are still not perfect. Gaskets are necessary to keep the fluids and gases in your car in place. They are often made of rubber and other materials that eventually break down and wear out. A leak can cause a major mechanical failure.

A major mechanical failure can be expensive, but most gaskets are easy and cheap to replace if it is done before something major happens. This is why it might be time to visit our service department at Napleton's Autowerks, Inc. (Loves Park) in Loves Park, IL for a gasket inspection soon.

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