Everything You Need to Know About Traveling With Pets

We love animals, and we want to be sure your furry friends are safe when they travel with you. Whether you are taking your dog for a swim at the lake or embarking on a cross-country road trip, there are steps you can take to ensure your four-legged companion is safe.

Always make sure your pet is wearing identification tags before you leave the house. If your pet is microchipped, double check that the contact information is up to date. Nobody wants to think about their pets getting lost. Unfortunately, 10 million pets go missing every year.

All pets should be properly restrained in a carrier or with a seat belt harness. Don't allow your dog to hang their head out the window. Pets should never ride in the bed of a pickup truck or on the driver's lap. Most importantly, never leave your pets alone in a vehicle. It's not only dangerous, but also against the law.



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