Tips to Avoid Hydroplaning When Conditions Deteriorate

The following tips are going to help you to put your car tires in the best position to scatter the maximum amount of water off the road surface to reduce instances of hydroplaning.

Do your best to travel in the tracks of the vehicle ahead of you. Those tracks have less water and make it easier for your tires to grip the road surface. Shifting to a lower gear will ensure that you are not traveling too fast on slick roads. Make certain to slow the vehicle down as you enter turns.

Check your tire pressure frequently so the tires are in the best position to move away water, as the tread is designed. Never drive through standing water if it can be avoided. Bringing in your vehicle to Napleton's Autowerks, Inc. (Loves Park) ensures that your tires will be in their best shape and able to scatter water from the road more effectively.



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