How do Your Brake Pads Work?

As you navigate the Loves Park, IL area, consider how many times each day that you put pressure on your car's brake pedal. Ideally, your brake pads help the vehicle slow down. Do really know how they work and when they need replacing? Our auto service and repair team can help.

On cars with disc brakes, every wheel has a brake rotor that spins along with the wheel. When the brake pedal gets pressed, brake calipers, located on each tire, put pressure on the rotors via the brake pads, causing a large amount of friction. To clarify, the brake pads put pressure on the rotors so that your car slows down. Each time you press the brakes, your brake pads go through an extreme amount of stress. Just imagine it, the brake pads are pressing against a heavy metal disc until a multi-thousand-pound car slows down or stops.

The general guideline is that brake pads should be replaced every 50,000 miles, but you may need a replacement sooner depending on a variety of factors. Visit our service center at Napleton's Autowerks, Inc. (Loves Park) and we'll have our knowledgeable technicians examine your vehicle and determine if you need new brake pads.

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