Replace Your Winter Wipers With Some Suited for Spring Rains

Now that we are starting to really experience some spring weather, it is more important than ever to get those old winter windshield wiper blades changed out with a new set of wiper blades to welcome in the rainy season.

Winter wiper blades are an important seasonal upgrade during the icy weather because they are made from a heavy-duty rubber that is strong enough to push all that heavy snow off of your windshield without getting damaged and will also be more resistant to the cold, improving performance. Winter wiper blades are also encased in a cover that keeps ice and slush out, preventing it from freezing in the joints and causing damage that can lead to a failure.

As many benefits that you can expect from winter wiper blades in icy weather, you will still need to swap them out for all-season or basic wiper blades during the warmer months. It's recommended that drivers change out wiper blades at regular intervals for maximum performance, as well. If you haven't done so already, bring your car, truck, or SUV to our service department and let us get you outfitted with a new set of wiper blades today so that you can tackle all that this spring has to throw at you.

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