What to Pack When Going on That Long Holiday Road Trip

As the holidays are getting closer, you think you might have all the basics covered as far as what to bring on that long holiday road trip. Many drivers neglect to pack safety accessories simply because they don't have the time or don't realize they should. At Napleton's Autowerks, Inc. (Loves Park), our staff is focused on your comfort and safety during your upcoming travels.

Consider packing your car with the following:

  • A set of good jumper cables in case the car battery begins to fail.
  • An empty gas can for when the car runs out of fuel.
  • A high-power flashlight for flagging down help or getting repairs made in the dark.
  • A gallon of good engine coolant in the event the car overheats.
  • Roll of duct tape to patch holes or repair leaking radiator hoses.
  • Couple cans of fix-a-flat if the car tire or tires go flat and you are miles away from the nearest service center.

Come by our Loves Park, IL showroom for a road-trip check-up before you leave for your holiday.

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