There’s Wisdom in Keeping Your Gas Tank Full

Here at Napleton’s Autowerks, Inc. (Loves Park), we believe that there’s wisdom in keeping your gas tank full. There are some who live in cold environments that believe keeping a low level of gas inside the fuel tank is acceptable. There are some people who feel it depends on the vehicle and weather. Both drivers are wrong!

Here’s the reality: A full gas tank can help prevent condensation from building up in the vehicle’s fuel lines. This condensation can sometimes freeze when temperatures permit, and can prevent you from even starting up your vehicle.

Another problem with a fuel tank less than full is that it may start sucking in air. This can lead to a problem that eventually causes expensive repairs. Consider the fact, too, that a full tank will keep the vehicle running if you’re stranded in a snow storm or in a deserted area.

Our dealership recommends that you keep your gas tank full. It’s a safe habit to develop, and it also increases the odds of your vehicle starting in extremely cold weather.

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