How Does Active Lane Keeping Assist Improve the Safety of Mercedes-Benz Models?

There are many safety features now offered with new Mercedes-Benz models. Among them is the Active Lane Keeping Assist system that—when combined with the Active Blind Spot Assist system—doubles down on mitigating accidents. Below, we go into detail as to how this driver-assist technology works and why customers of Napleton's Autowerks, Inc. (Loves Park) should consider buying a vehicle now equipped with this protective measure.


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Driving inattentively or while fatigued can put you at risk. That is why the engineers at Mercedes-Benz developed the Active Lane Keeping Assist system. Like a co-pilot, this technology helps you stay alert to your surroundings by using cameras to monitor the markings on the pavement. It even sends vibrations to the steering wheel if it senses your car drifting unintentionally, and if necessary, it can also apply the brakes to one side to guide you back into your lane.

As you can see, Active Lane Keeping Assist is a technology worth having on your vehicle. Other cutting-edge technologies like it come with new Mercedes-Benz models as well. So choose a safer mode of transportation the next time you want to buy a car and visit us at our dealership in Loves Park, Illinois, to check out our options.

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